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Your pocket guide to urban adventures

Cards on the table – KOMPAS is all about offering exceptional experiences to those with a sense of adventure, so if you’re just looking to walk the same old trail along to the same old tourist traps, we’d strongly advise you try somewhere else.

You’re still with us? Great, that means we can tell you all about how KOMPAS uses the latest innovation in technology to help you uncover the astonishing places hidden in your city, and tailor trips to suit your interests, budget and free time.

So many great city features are missed by people just not realising the wealth of amazing opportunities waiting around every corner. It’s our mission to overcome your ignorance, and help you discover the experiences you’ll want to share with everyone you know, whatever it is you’re in to.

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What makes us different?

Personalised Tips

Everyone’s looking to discover something different in a city, which is why we get borderline creepy in our attempts to get to know your interests, before making customised suggestions. But don’t worry, we ensure that your data is absolutely secure.

Local Gems

If you like the idea of giving big global chains the middle finger, you’ll love getting connected with local and independent businesses, so you can show some appreciation for the hardworking and characterful little guy.

Explore on Your Terms

Unshackle yourself from lacklustre attractions and relish in a new sense of independence. KOMPAS is everything you need to explore your own city in your pocket, letting you be as picky as you want with your time and money.

The Secret Workings Behind KOMPAS

Well, we say ‘secret’, but really, we’re actually pretty open about how our app works. Born out of a desire to improve upon the boring old model of impersonal city guides, we set out to create a dynamic app that would get to know its users’ interests and needs before blurting out any old suggestions.

That’s why we use machine learning and cognitive algorithms to target suggestions based on what you’ll actually enjoy, rather than what the ‘average’ person is into. We then compacted all that clever tech into a sleek and accessible app that you can take with you on all your adventures!

Who has been writing about us?

Our incredible supporters

  • Finally a travel app that's worth my time. I found some things on here which even as a Londoner I didn't know existed!

    Anandi - London, UK
  • I know exactly the feeling you're describing of getting lost and wandering to generic sites, love your solution.

    Sean - Exeter, UK
  • I totally get it! It's great to have something that will sift through the mass of info out there.

    Ben - Berlin, Germany
  • Since when was there an abandoned station in Munich?? And how did I not know about this before?! As an artist this is right up my street.

    Julia - Munich, Germany
  • I loved testing this app to find unique locations during my eurotrip. When are you guys coming to the US??

    Samantha - New York, US