Is the rise of the hipster, start-ups and artisan food to blame for the death of clubs? According to The Economist this is a Europe-wide epidemic with the number of clubs in Britain and the Netherlands being slashed. Even in the party capital of Berlin, clubbing itself is on the decline despite Techno music being as popular as ever.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all doom and gloom for the revellers out there! What we are seeing, is a rise in the popular combination of delicious food, great beats and artfully created cocktails, all contributing to that perfect Instagram shot. These “food raves” are popping up all over Europe with Dinerama in London, Papirøen in Copenhagen and Mercado da Ribiera in Lisbon being just a little crumb of this new night time food scene. Long gone are the days of dodgy, greasy street food, instead small entrepreneurs are serving up authentic quality food with a strong emphasis on farm-to-fork. So tuck into a brioche burger or sip on a sweet cocktail from a wellington boot as you sit back and enjoy the chilled vibes!

Have a look at how this new food scene is being adapted around the world:

Cardiff Wales

Berlin Germany

Budapest Hungary

And although this one in New Zealand is not strictly for the night, it’s certainly worth noting for just how unique it is!

Hokitika New Zealand

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