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Market Spotlight

Rainy Days In London - My Top 3 Places

British weather is notorious for it’s severely bipolar conditions; freezing one minute, then the next you wouldn’t look out of place with an ice cream whilst topping up your tan.

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Market Spotlight

Broadway Market - Our Market Spotlight

Broadway Market offers a whole host of things to help you through the day! From charming pubs to charismatic music, but nothing compares to the weekly market!

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KOMPAS in Shoreditch

10 Must See Places in Shoreditch

A compilation of 10 exciting, fresh places to sample and discover in the bustling, thriving town of Shoreditch.

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KOMPAS in London

London: Fun things to do this summer

When you come to London, you immediately think of the likes of Big Ben, The London eye, St. Paul's… But what about the less-known, equally charming and wondrous alternatives that are yet to be popularly discovered?

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Munich with KOMPAS

Munich 1972 Summer Olympics Regatta - Top pick this week

Munich has a lot to offer in its outskirts. Oberschleissheim is just a bike-ride outside the city ring and hosts a beautiful 1972 Olympics Regatta still in-use.

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Munich with KOMPAS

Inner city paradise - Top picks this week

Look at the photo — clear blue water surrounded by green, a man entering in his red bathing panties — where could this be?

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Big Brush KOMPAS

Using big brushes: learn from the best

Even more meditative than educational was the experience of visiting Yani Wang’s atelier in the Munich’s West-End.

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A round up of MWC and 4YFN

Kairos Society, 5G, IoT, Driverless Cars. Where do we start? The KOMPAS round-up on MWC this year.

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24 Hours in Paris

24 Hours in Paris with KOMPAS

You have 24 hours, and you don't know where to start. Here's our take on what to do in Paris.

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Mindspace and KOMPAS

The future of startups and co-working with Dan Zakai

Remote working, co-working and startups. What does the future hold when looking at startups now?

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AIBE Summit 2017

The AIBE Summit London 2017

Artificial Intelligence, technology and KOMPAS. Why we were invited to exhibit at AIBE this year.

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The Camel Experience

Bavarian multi-purpose camel farm

A man in Lederhosen, peeking out over 2 humps of a camel. Not something you could expect in Munich often.

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Lunar New Year

An alternative Lunar New Year in London

Whilst the vibrant parades are a delight to watch, if you’re looking to skip the crowds, here are a few alternatives.

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Diwali with KOMPAS

Celebrating Diwali in India!

Want to make the most of Diwali this year? Get a few tips from KOMPAS about how to get the full experience!

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Hello Tomorrow

The future of technology at Hello Tomorrow

2000 innovators, world leaders and discussions around AI, Biohacking, and deep technology. What's not to love?

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Paris with KOMPAS

Paris through the eyes of KOMPAS

We’ve been busy navigating our way through the back alleys looking for more than just wine, baguettes and fromage!

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Rounding off Copenhagen

One week in Copenhagen

Now that the dust has settled, it is time to reflect on the events of the past week, and how we've grown!

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BetaList and KOMPAS

Our feature on BetaList!

Exciting news! We've just been featured. We need your help to make sure that KOMPAS keeps on trending!

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Flying Waiters

From dumbwaiters to flying waiters; the service in the sky

Fancy being served by “flying waiters”? No, these aren’t people who have had too much red bull, they're aerial drones!

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We're a USWC World Finalist!

It's official! KOMPAS has been selected to represent the UK at the world finals of the USWC in Copenhagen!

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New KOMPAS Offices

Did someone say new offices?

That's right, we did! Follow our journey as we move into Aldgate next to tech giants Uber and Hootsuite.

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KOMPAS AI Travel Blog

Can artificial intelligence influence travel?

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition. How are these technologies revolutionising travel?

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KOMPAS Clubbing Blog

The death of clubbing?

Is the rise of the hipster, start-ups and artisan food to blame for the death of clubs? What does that mean for the future?

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